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I have been a Registered Professional Nurse for 40 years.

I started out as an Emergency Nurse in 1980, working in a city E.D.

In 1981, I joined the United States Army Reserves, and served until 2004, retiring as a Major.

In 1989, I began flying with a small medical helicopter service in northern New York State. In 1993, I became the Chief Flight Nurse for that service. and we provided inter-facility and scene response for patient transport. I also served on a specialty Back Country Rescue Team that utilized the helicopter for hoist operations, SAR and wilderness responses. I maintained my flight status until 1999.

In 1996, I began working as a ground critical care transport nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center. During my years of employment at this academic medical center, I have had the opportunity to serve as a transport nurse, clinical coordinator, program manager and Executive Director. In 2006, I made a personal choice to return to direct patient care in transport nursing. I have been performing in that position since, caring for adult and pediatric patients.

Like most of my colleagues in this industry, I have been certified as a CEN, CFRN and CTRN at different points in my career.

I currently Chair the program’s Safety Committee, serve as the process lead for our program's Interview Committee, and am a clinical simulation faculty member for the transport program.

As I go from running to walking in my nursing career, I am encouraged by the talented nurses who enter nursing continuously. We serve our profession best, by mentoring our colleagues. If done well, you too can ease out and spend more time with your spouse, adult children and grandchildren.